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Whether you are you a mining or Oil & Gas company that provides workforce housing in remote camps or a service provider that rents those camps to industrial clients,  CampLogistiks is the ideal software solution for you.

With this innovative and user-friendly tool, you will be able to effectively plan the various housing and housekeeping operations and provide optimal living conditions to your guests.

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Housekeeping and room maintenance management

Housekeeping is a critical process for the effective management of any remote camp. This essentially consists of ensuring the cleanliness and availability of rooms on site to provide the best possible experience for your most valuable resource: your guests.

Three housekeeping types

CampLogistiks housekeeping module is fully automated and integrated with room reservations. The daily housekeeping workload is automatically generated and covers three housekeeping types:

  • Basic housekeeping that can be performed every day or two;
  • Linen change is generally executed every 7 consecutive days of occupation, but the frequency can be set by the system administrator;
  • Full housekeeping is generated on departure date. It allows the room to be prepared for the next guest.

Any change in a room reservation (e. g. change of departure date) is automatically reflected on the housekeeping schedule.

Other housekeeping features

CampLogistiks offers several other important features for seamless and efficient housekeeping management. For example:

  • In case of work overload, certain rooms can be transferred from one day to another;
  • The software offers an automatic workload distribution feature which ultimate goal is to help the housekeeping manager distribute the workload fairly, while ensuring the maximum housekeeping efficiency. This innovative algorithm distributes the workload based on certain criteria such as the average execution time per housekeeping type and per room category, the housekeepers’ efficiency, etc.
  • The system also allows you to manually adjust the workload distribution or just pre-assign the rooms without using the feature described above.

Once the housekeeping is completed, room statuses are updated in the system accordingly.

Room maintenance

If the housekeeper detects that a specific room requires maintenance, the information can be entered in our maintenance module in order for you to keep track of rooms out-of-service, the maintenance tickets that open vs. closed, etc.
Ultimately, CampLogistiks allows for simplified and rigorous housekeeping and maintenance management, which ensures better control over housing costs and a better living experience at the camp.

Screenshot of the housekeeping module

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