Contractor’s portal

Enhanced workflow and collaboration between contractors and the front desk using the Contractor’s Portal

CampLogistiks first hand clients are contractors requesting travel and accommodation for their employees to fulfill project needs. These contractors are in constant communication with your staff changing dates, employee’s information and rotations mostly during the construction phase.

Whether by email or by telephone, this can become a real challenge for everyone involved. That’s why we think that anyone that needs to communicate with its clients or providers would benefit from having a contractors portal giving partial access to their CampLogistiks application to selected external contractors.

  • Provide contractors with secure and limited access to an extranet, which is ultimately controlled by the front desk.
  • Reduce front desk workload by allowing contractors to manage their own reservation dates and changes.
  • Enable the front desk to accept or decline contractor reservation requests.
  • Update both front desk personnel and contractors on reservation changes via automatic email notifications.

Contractor’s main capabilities include:

  • Access to their own employees profiles.
  • Add booking requests.
  • Search employees and reservations.
  • Print employees travel details.

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