Travel (Fly-In & Fly-Out)

Accomplish successfully your workforce travel booking process and control your expenses

Whether employees are travelling by ground or air, passenger lists should always be accurate and up-to-date. Arranging travel bookings can be time-consuming and a complex task if you do not have a proper system and a source of expenses.

With CampLogistiks you can effectively manage this task, treat travels like any other controllable expense in your project and take a strategic approach.

  • Configure different transportation vehicles (airplane, helicopter, bus and car)
  • Schedule ad-hoc or recurring travel legs and routes.
  • Assign employees with shift rotations to travel itineraries one time and we’ll do the rest.
  • Obtain real-time capacity of transportation vehicles.
  • Easily handle exceptions (group transfers, flight delays, no shows, etc.)
  • Manage travel bookings updates via automatic email notifications.
  • Create travel manifests and boarding passes.
  • Validate travel itinerary with employees airport of origin
  • Keep track on who’s coming by charter flight, commercial flight or by road every day.

Our travel booking tool is intuitive and easy to use to help you gain time.

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