Manage your contractors and permanent employees

Managing several hundred employees can be a time consuming task, imagine doing it without having information about them.  Most common problems that you may encounter is having one or more employee with the same name or not having the employee airport of origin information to properly assign a flight.

With this CampLogistiks module you can centrally manage each employee’s profile, permissions, preferences and history.  Employee’s profiles can be created from scratch or imported from another system under certain conditions.

  • Create detailed profiles with the picture of the employee.
  • Handle leave requests (ex. holidays; sick, vacation, meetings or training days).
  • Assign employees to departments, cost codes, contractors and projects.
  • View employee activity history (ex. room and flight bookings, meal count).
  • Know who’s coming to site for the first time and needs site orientation.
  • Manage employee training sessions and course expiration dates.
  • Distinguish permanent employees, visitors and supervisors.
  • Customizable fields to enter any other important information.
  • Administer site permissions through integration with the access control system.
  • Manage employee blacklist, denying access to troubled employees.

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