CampLogistiks Overview

Centrally manage all your remote camp activities

CampLogistiks Software was specifically tailored for the Mining and Oil & Gas industries and empowers site managers to efficiently manage their day-to-day operations. Since 2008, our solution has evolved constantly to satisfy our client’s special needs.

Our solution will help remote sites optimize resource usage and reduce operation costs by giving them the right tools to handle from workforce rotations, cafeteria and housekeeping to rooms and flight bookings.

Allocate expenses to the right projects, contractors and departments. Be capable to obtain in real time reports and statistics, to support your business decisions and operations in a centralized environment.

Additionally, CampLogistiks can be linked to the access control system to allow a better control of presence in your facilities.

CampLogistiks Key benefits

  1. Reduce operational costs in remote sites
  2. Automate and optimize resource usage
  3. Increase site manager efficiency
  4. Control subcontractor invoices
  5. Allocate expenses to the right projects, departments and contractors
  6. Manage recurring work shifts automatically
  7. Control costs and fraud in dining facilities
  8. Obtain real-time access to key performance indicators
  9. Comply with regulations
  10. Improve traceability results of integration with access control

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