It’s important to properly manage your meals transactions and increase control over your cafeteria

Cafeteria module consists of a tactile screen that allows tracking daily all meals transactions. This module operates through the configuration of key parameters such as maximum meals per day, allow consuming meals after the checkout and hours between meals.

The module is fully integrated with CampLogistikreservations. Once an employee shows up for a meal, the cafeteria clerk chooses the type of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack) and scans his card for real time validation.

Moreover, the name and the photo of the employee will show up in the tactile scree upon scanning the access card for visual validations that will allow reduce any chance of fraud.

  • Visually identify employees to reduce fraud.
  • Validate if employees have a valid reservation on site before giving access.
  • Record the amount of meals consumed per day, employee and contractor.
  • Cross-check between bookings and latest cafeteria transactions.
  • Be able to corroborate billing amounts from your food service supplier with the amount of meals on the system.

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