Shift Rotations

Choose the shift rotation, room and in-out travels one time only and the system will do the rest!

To keep running your business 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, your employees must be assigned to rotational shift work and change according to a set schedule. Shift rotations are common in industries where technical processes cannot be interrupted or where expensive equipment is used more profitably when in constant operation.

CampLogistiks lets you create, manage and change shift rotations to help you to allocate flights and rooms accordingly.

  • Configure shift patterns: day shifts, night shifts and days off.
  • Generate shift rotations based on your needs: 7×7, 4×3, 21×7, 8×6 and much more.
  • Assign employees to a shift rotation and allocate rooms and travels just one time.
  • Modify allocation variables such as department and cost center at any time, applying the change to future reservations automatically.
  • List all employees assigned to a given shift rotation .
  • Identify employees who cross shifts on a room.
  • Create an automated check-in and check-out process (optional).
  • Easily handle ad-hoc reservations.

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