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Are you a company that builds and/or operates closed or open camps that you rent to clients in the oil and mining industries? Do you host workers in remote industrial sites and need software to efficiently manage your camps and invoicing? CampLogistiks is the best solution for your company.

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Software that will provide effective invoice management

Our invoice module collects all data including number of nights and additional charges (e.g. meals and miscellaneous purchases) related to reservations and consolidates them into clear and precise invoices. Reservations and related invoices can be categorized by client, contractor, project, location or department.

Enjoy a flexible invoice tool

CampLogistiks offers total flexibility in terms of pricing, including accommodation and additional charges. Indeed, you will be able to distinguish different types of rooms and different price levels by category, customer, contract, etc.
You will also be able to manage your additional expenses (e.g. meals, groceries, etc.) and attribute them a price per camp.

Stay informed at all times

In addition, our transaction manager provides an accurate and real-time view of the status of each room on a daily basis. You will be able to visually detect all exceptions quickly, including premature departures and “no-shows”, and then correct or invoice them accordingly.

Facilitate archiving of your data and invoices

The billing process includes an approval mechanism and ensures full synchronization with reservation data to maintain data integrity.

Finally, our automatic modification mechanism allows you to keep track of all the changes that affect a reservation as well as its related invoices.

All of these automated, user-friendly tools ensure a fast and reliable invoicing process and save a lot of time and money.

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