Contract and client management module

The CampLogistiks software offers flexible and advanced features to help you manage your clients and contracts in a simple and effective way. It is a considerable asset for remote camp managers, as well as for your sales and finance teams.

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Client management

The client management feature allows you to create client files and link them to one or more camps, as well as link one or more variables in terms of billing by customer:

  • Projects
  • Departments
  • Locations
  • Cost centres
  • Purchase order numbers

Benefit from a flexible management tool

This module allows you to determine the price per nightly stay for each client. It gives you the flexibility to configure certain parameters that you may have negotiated with your clients, such as household management or the number of meals allowed per day.
Once these settings are correctly configured, the system will react accordingly to help you meet your contractual agreements as well as cater to the evolving needs of your clients.

Clearly organize your client data

When a client is deactivated, the system keeps a history of all the transactions that are related to it, but disables the invoicing variables and any other data specific to that client. In this way, you obtain a clear view that only shows the system’s active data.

Contract management

This module allows you to manage contracts that you may have signed with some of your clients on certain sites. You can then determine the duration of a contract, as well as the rates per night for allocated rooms, reserved rooms and occupied rooms.

Real time monitoring

You can also use the contract to allocate a certain number of rooms to a particular guest and charge a different rate for those rooms. Our reports allow you to track allocated, reserved or occupied rooms by customer and by period, all in real time.

Easily manage invoices

Each reservation created in CampLogistiks can be linked to a client and/or a contract. The module is flexible, letting you determine the rate applicable for this reservation. This can be either the basic nightly rate, the client’s rate, or a rate determined on a scale indicated in the contract. The invoice module will use this data to generate the invoices accordingly.

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