Remote workforce housing module

Whether you are you a mining or Oil & Gas company that provides workforce housing in remote camps or a service provider that rents those camps to industrial clients,  CampLogistiks is the ideal software solution for managing accommodation logistics in a simple, efficient and centralized way.

With the support of this innovative tool, you will be able to offer the best possible housing conditions to your clients and workers, and therefore encourage their retention and performance.

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Effectively manage workforce housing in remote camps

Accommodating workers in remote areas involves a great deal of expertise and organization, but above all requires effective working tools and processes that help camp managers handle the complex situations they face on a daily basis. These automated tools can make all the difference in terms of guests’ satisfaction, projects’ timelines, cost control and revenues.

Our ultimate goal with CampLogistikis to help industrial companies and camp operators achieve the above-mentioned business objectives.

Among the tools and benefits offered by our solution, you will find:

Occupancy rate optimization

  • When creating or modifying new reservation, our advanced room selector lets you validate your housing capacity in real-time. It also sorts your available rooms in a way that helps you maximize back-to-back occupancy. The tool also displays clean rooms at the top of the list in order to optimize camp occupancy, reduce human error and improve your guests’ experience;
  • The room occupancy scheduler shows all existing and future reservations in the system, available vs. broken rooms and more at a glance. This allows you to choose the best possible room for the new reservation to be created;
  • In situations where your camp is almost fully occupied, you can even split certain reservations over several rooms in order to accommodate more guests and maximize camp occupancy;

Real-time synchronization with the travel module (optional)

  • Reservations in CampLogistiks can be with or without room and with or without charter travel. For bookings that include ground or air transportation, the system offers seamless integration between Accommodation and Travel modules. For example, if a flight is delayed for one day or more, room reservations are modified accordingly; similarly, if a passenger is marked as a no show on his travel in, his room is automatically cleared, etc. This synchronization between the modules avoids omissions and manual tasks, which helps to optimize camp occupancy.

Cost allocation and invoicing

  • All reservations in CampLogistiks can be attached to certain variables such as a contractor, a project, a PO or a department. All expenses related to those reservations including nights, traveling and meals are then associated to those variables. This helps you keep track of your costs, charge back your clients and contractors and generate your reports based on those variables;
  • For camp operators, CampLogistiks offers complete synchronization with the invoicing module. This allows them to accurately capture and bill the appropriate charges (room, meals, etc.) to the appropriate customers at the appropriate rates;

Real-time synchronization with the housekeeping

  • Seamless integration with the housekeeping module ensures that the cleaning schedule is automatically generated by the system in real-time, taking into account the room status. CampLogistiks offers three types of housekeeping, a daily one, a linen change after a certain number of consecutive nights and a full housekeeping on the departure day. If there are any changes in room reservations, they are automatically reflected in the housekeeping module, which optimizes housekeeping costs and improves the guests’ experience at the camp.

Real-time synchronization with the Cafeteria

  • CampLogistiks‘ cafeteria module allows you to capture and validate meal transactions in real-time, by guest, by contractor, etc. Validation rules allowing you to authorize or refuse a meal are mainly based on reservation data. For example, if the guest has already consumed his daily authorized meals or if he has exceeded the duration of his reservation, the system will automatically mark his meal transaction as rejected. In addition, each meal transaction is attached to the same variables of the guests’ reservation such as contractor, department or project.
    This makes it easier to keep track of your costs and charge back your customers and contractors. If changes occur in the reservation (e. g. early or late departure), the cafeteria module automatically takes this into account the next time the guest swipes hic card at the dining room. These automated links between the cafeteria and the reservation modules reduces human errors and gives you more control over your meals costs.

Booking a block of rooms for a client/contractor

  • The reservation system, in conjunction with the contract management module, gives you the ability to allocate a certain of rooms for a client or contractor who commits to sending a certain number of workers to the site for a given period of time.This guarantees the client or contractor that their workers will have a room available throughout the duration of the contract and allows camp operators to maximize room occupancy and overnight billing.

Screen of the workforce housing interface

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