Mining on the moon

Mining on the moon

MoonScience keeps progressing. To the point that some talk about drilling on the moon. Why on the moon? Research shows that the satellite has a large amount of resources that could be used by humans.

One of the substances that can be found on the moon is helium. This could provide a powerful source of energy, much more powerful than what we can currently produce.

It is also possible that the moon has other minerals such as uranium and thorium, and other items that are less known to us. Of course, to be sure, we will need to explore a little more. As certainty is minimal, no company is ready, for now, to invest the necessary funds for the research.

It’s a shame, because the ability to drill on the moon would allow us to stretch the resources we have here on earth and therefore, to continue to use them a little longer. At least until we are ready to live on Mars…

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