A New Feature – Split Reservation


Accommodation capacity is not flexible and cannot be changed overnight, so assigning rooms in the best possible way is crucial. This is why we have decided to introduce a new feature in Camp Logistiks to take it further in terms of offering our clients with a tool that will help optimize their remote camps occupation rate.  The new Split reservation feature allows you to divide a single reservation into several reservations and therefore assign different rooms and work shifts during the employees stay at the camp.Split reservation

This functionality will help you place reservations when a single room is not available for the whole period of the reservation or when planning progressive room changes.

  • Maximize rooms occupation
  • Easily assign different rooms and work shifts into one reservation
  • Visual identification icon in the Single reservations grid
  • Centralized page to modify all split reservations
  • System validations to ensure the integrity of the reservation period


For more information please contact your representative or write us at infos@campslogistiks.com.

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